Brazilian Essence 2016 (Eng Version) (Studio Masters 24/96)

Bossa Negra


WAV 24/96 Studio Master
FLAC 24/96

Note: track 08 of Eng Version -Summer Samba (So Nice) (Samba de Verão) [extended mix] feat. Jacqueline Gawler is Upsample 24/96 from 16/44.1 file. All other tracks are Studio Master 24/96.

Bossa Negra is a musical concept created by producers Howard Lee and Latin Grammy winner Sérgio Luiz Brandão with the aim of making Brazilian music accessible outside of Brazil without compromising the integrity of the music.
This pioneering collaboration has resulted in the first ever studio recording of well-known Brazilian songs rearranged, reinterpreted and sung with Chinese and English lyrics.
In addition to the project’s lyrical reinterpretation of these Brazilian songs, the producers have also created the first ever fusion of Chinese, Australian and Brazilian music into one album.
By taking popular songs from China and Australia, Bossa Negra has pioneered a new direction in world music by recording songs with a Brazilian arrangement and incorporating instruments from each of these countries.
The latest album from Bossa Negra consists of 2 different editions, one for the Chinese region and one for the English speaking market.
Giants of the Brazilian music industry were recruited to write the arrangements for this album including Renato Fonseca (who toured with Djavan on keyboards), Luiz Brasil (whose arrangements have appeared on the albums of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil & Gal Costa), Marco Brito (Ivan Lins’ current pianist) and Sérgio Luiz Brandão.
The majority of the album was recorded in Rio de Janeiro Brazil from 2009 - 2016 as well as NYC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore and China. It consists of the crème de la crème of Brazilian musicians including many Grammy winners.
Howard X – Founder/Co-producer (Hong Kong- China)
Musician, promoter and producer Howard Lee was first exposed to Brazilian music whilst performing with various jazz bands in China and Australia. To further explore his curiosity in Brazilian music, he travelled to Brazil in 2003 for lived there for almost 2 years. The aim of the trip was to study the many facets of Brazilian music, culture, and the historical/social context in how music plays a role in Brazilian society. These cities included Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Recife, Porto de Galinhas, Olinda, Belo Horizonte, Ouro Preto, Manaus, Foz do Iguaçu and Sao Paulo. During this period he had the fortunate opportunity to study with some of Brazil’s most respected musicians including the drummer of Hermeto Pascoal’s band for the past 20 years Márcio Bahia, Grammy winner Edu Ribeiro band as well as percussionists from Mono Bloco and the Mangueira samba school.
---Studio Master 24/96
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Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 The Frog (A Rã) feat. Jacqueline Gawler [Editor's Pick] 3:35
2 Upside Down (Flor de lis) [Djavan] feat. Joanna Dong, Jacqueline Gawler [Editor's Pick] 3:48
3 Happy Ending (Final Feliz) feat.Tia Ray, Jorge Vercilo, Jorge Vercillo 4:46
4 Taj Mahal feat. Jacqueline Gawler 3:08
5 Crickets sing for Anamaria (Os Grilos) feat. Jacqueline Gawler [Editor's Pick] 3:36
6 Harbour - (Encontros e Despedidas) [Milton Nascimento] feat. Joanna Dong 9:15
7 I live for samba (a Voz do Morro) feat. Jacqueline Gawler, Joanna Dong [Editor's Pick] 4:57
8 Summer Samba (So Nice) (Samba de Verão) [extended mix] feat. Jacqueline Gawler 3:22
9 Down Under [Men at Work] feat. Jacqueline Gawler 3:37
10 Private eyes feat. Soler [Editor's Pick] 2:48
11 Rio to Salvador 0:39
12 Crickets sing for Anamaria (Os Grilos) [extended mix] feat. Jacqueline Gawler 6:11
13 Happy Ending (Final Feliz) [extended mix] feat. Jacqueline Gawler, Jorge Vercilo, Jorge Vercillo 6:34

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