Joe Lo's Guitar World--Composition series Vol. 1 (Multi-formats)

Joe Lo

Hong Kong Guitar Music Institute

WAV 16/44.1
FLAC 16/44.1
Upsampled WAV 24/96
Upsampled FLAC 24/96

In this album, Joe Lo uses the folowing 18 top notch guitars and basses for recording:

  1. Fender Vintage White ‘57 Vintage Stratocaster Electric Guitar,
  2. Fender Sunburst ‘62 Vintage Stratocaster Electric Guitar
  3. Fender White Blonde Telecaster Electric Guitar
  4. Gibson Les Paul Custom Sunburst Electric Guitar
  5. Gibson L5-CES Sunburst Electric Acoustic Guitar
  6. Gibson ES-175D Sunburst Electric Acoustic Guitar
  7. Gibson ES-355TD Cherry Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar
  8. Gibson ES-335TD Sunburst Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar
  9. Gibson ES-335TD Cherry Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar
  10. Carvin DC400TA Natural Electric Guitar
  11. Carvin SC90T Natural Electric Guitar
  12. Taylor 815-CE Acoustic Guitar
  13. Taylor 814-BCE Acoustic Guitar
  14. Taylor PS-15 Acoustic Guitar
  15. Taylor NS62-CE Classical Guitar
  16. Carvin LB76A Natural Electric Bass Guitar
  17. G&L L2500-RAS Natural Electric Bass Guitar
  18. Moon JJ5-165M Sunburst Electric Bass Guitar

Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 Happy Together 3:20
2 Blue Blues 5:13
3 Jazz Feelings 3:42
4 Solence of Loneliness 2:46
5 Free and Easy 4:40
6 Joyi 6:50
7 Cognition after Cogitation 5:30
8 Windy Evening 6:50
9 Peaceful Night 6:25
10 Rising Sun 3:51

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Joe Lo

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