Ready (K2HD Mastering) (16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

Sandy Lam

Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong

WAV 16/44.1
Upsampled WAV 24/96
FLAC 16/44.1
Upsampled FLAC 24/96

"Ready" is the fifth studio album by Sandy Lam, released under CBS Records in the summer of 1988. "Ready" would be a major milestone in Sandy's career because it would be her first album to be heavily influenced by R&B and Jazz which strongly affected her future. This album will best prove that Sandy is a mature singer who does not need to fall into the mainstream music industry in terms of musical and conceptual directions. It is strongly appreciated by her fans and critics. Following the release of this album, Sandy will leave CBS Records and sign to Warner Music. Now this classic album is released in K2HD Re-mastertered format, and first time in Upsample 24/94 Hi-Res WAV/FLAC forms!
The K2HD version is specially re-mastered by the renowned Japanese mastering engineer Hakamata Takeshi.
--This album is available to users in Hong Kong and Macau only
--Upsample 24/96 by Weiss Saracon
--buy whole album for HK$200

Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 Self Made Space 4:03
2 Evening [Editor's Pick] 3:58
3 Best Actor in a Leading Role 3:44
4 Him 4:32
5 No Drunk 6:01
6 Sweating [Editor's Pick] 4:21
7 Rainy Day(Duet with Blue Jeans) [Editor's Pick] 5:04
8 Best Actor in a Leading Role (At his Penthouse Suite) 4:06
9 Really want you to Know 4:42
10 Is This What Fate Is? 4:18

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