Yellow River & The Butterfly Lovers (Blu-Spec CD)(16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

Various Artists---Chinese traditional music

Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong

WAV 16/44.1
Upsampled WAV 24/96
FLAC 16/44.1
Upsampled FLAC 24/96

Two of the Most Famous Chinese Concertos ever: “The Butterfly Lovers”(Violin Concerto), “The Yellow River”(Piano Concerto). Upsampled 24/96 (by Weiss Saracon) to choose from.

The Yellow River”(Piano Concerto)---track 1-4
The Philadelphia Orchestra‧Eugene Ormandy, Conductor
Daniel Epstein(Piano)
Recorded 1974.


“The Butterfly Lovers”(Violin Concerto)---track 5
Takako Nishizaki, Violin‧
Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra‧Lim Kek-Tjiang, Conductor
Recorded 1978.


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Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 Prelude: The Song Of The Yellow River Boatman--Daniel Epstein(Piano) 3:25
2 Ode To The Yellow River --Daniel Epstein(Piano) 4:17
3 The Yellow River In Wrath --Daniel Epstein(Piano) 6:15
4 Defend The Yellow River --Daniel Epstein(Piano) 6:03
5 Violin Concerto: The Butterfly Lovers(Takako Nishizaki--Violin) 28:20

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