Andrew & Peter Cheung

A Hong Kong based Duo vocal group, Andrew & Peter Cheung enjoys great popularity both in the Pop scene and in the Audiophile scene. Andrew & Peter Cheung’s lush harmonies are rarities in Hong Kong. Andrew & Peter Cheung studied computer and music in Canada before returning to Hong Kong. They have their own Records label and produce their own recordings and concerts.


Duet V (Studio Masters 24/96, 24/48)

《You've Got a Friend》 is Studio Masters in 24Bit 96kHz format. They are ORIGINAL MASTERS song files getting directly from the recording studios. There’s absolutely no dubbing, editing, transferring in different formats during the process. It’s as direct and pure audio experience as you can get.
《First of May》、《Right here waiting》、《 What A Wonderful World》、《We're All Alone》and 《Sometimes When We Touch》are in Studio Masters 24Bit 48kHz format.

Duet IV (Studio Masters 16/44.1)

Nan Yin Master Au Kwan-cheung is among today's most important Nan Yin performers. Nan Yin is a Chinese style of storytelling which dates from the Song Dynasty, the words themselves are poems over a fairly simple instrumentalNan Yin background. Nan Yin performed by blind musicians was a popular form of entertainment in Canton and Hong Kong up until the middle of the last century. In addition to traditional stories, the musicians' improvisations on current affairs and local life were among the significant features of this genre.