Henry & Roger Chung (The Chung Brothers)

Henry Chung
Voted one of the top 40 Hong Kong musicians by TimeOut HK Magazine and one of Washington’s top jazz and blues musicians by Washington Post, Henry is the premier blues harmonica player and bandleader in Hong Kong and Asia. In 2004, Henry was officially inducted in the Harmonica Hall of Fame. He has performed with the Muddy Waters All-Star Band and Lowell Lo in his comeback concert at the HK Coliseum in 2008, and has recorded with Andy Lau, Anthony Wong, and at17, whose songs topped the local charts. Henry also hosted the RTHK Radio 4 program Jazzing Up.

Roger Chung
Having studied Piano and Vocal at the Peabody Music Conservatory in the US, Roger was the grand winner of the Hong Kong Christians Singing Quest in the Best Solo Performance category organized by the Hong Kong Association of Christian Music Ministry (ACM) in 2007. Roger was also multiple songwriting award winners, and was commissioned by the Regeneration Society and the Christian Prison Pastoral Association to compose their theme songs. He has also been invited by the legendary Chinese diva Yao Lee to write lyrics for the tribute song to her late husband in 2008.


Edge (Studio Master 24/96)

The Chung Brothers "Edge" is an ambitious, beautiful album. The talented duo penned powerful songs that demonstrates both their musical abilities social consciousness. Studio Master 24/96 from Sterling Sound.
--- Studio Master 24/96 by Weiss Saracon.
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Sing the Gospel Songbook of Benjamin Ng(Studio Master 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

The Chung Brothers“Sing the Gospel Songbook of Benjamin Ng”---whole album available for digital download now!
Studio Master 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96.
--- Studio Master 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96 by Weiss Saracon .
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---With hi res booklet and cover.

The Chimes (True 24/48)

The Chimes is a groundbreaking canto-gospel album in Hong Kong. Together with top international and local music talents, the Chung Brothers “have concocted a treat of HK-styled Gospel Blues as well as an inspirational spiritual journey for all,” as music critic Wong Chi Chung precisely put it.

From R&B, Jazz, Bossa Nova, American Gospel, Spirituals, Blues to Folk, Flamenco, Latin Folk, Reggae, Cantopop, Rock, Hymn and even Hip-Hop, the music in this album is world! All songs are written by the Chung Brothers. Roger is the lead vocal, and Henry’s blues harmonica is also featured in several tracks.

“The Chimes is a production all Hong Kong people can be proud of.”---Fung Lai Chi, Music critic
“The Chimes is a major education for the local music industry. It’s Hong Kong’s own good fortune!”---Lowell Lo, Legendary Composer
“The prime requisite in any art form, and especially gospel, is individuality. Here in Hong Kong I found it in the Chung Brothers.” ----Ray Cordeiro, Legendary disc jockey

“The Chimes“ is mastered in the Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi. HifiTrack is providing Direct Studio Master ersion WAV file in 24/48 format.

"The Chimes" was awarded:
One of the top 10 Jazz albums of 2009 at HMV
One of the bestselling Gospel albums in HK
One of the best sounding 800 audiophile albums ever
5 2009 CASH Golden Sails nominations