Tiger Hu

Hu Yan Bin (born 4 July 1983) is a Chinese pop singer, singer-songwriter, music director, and record producer.

From a young age, Anson Hu showed great interest in music. At age 13, he was admitted to Shanghai Music Conservatory where he majored in singing. Two years later, he set a goal of releasing his first CD before his eighteenth birthday.

Anson's talents began to be recognized by the public in 1999 when he won the silver medal at the Shangai Music Awards New Singer Competition. He advanced to the finals, where he won the award for having the most potential of any singer. Because of this, he was discovered by the Go East Entertainment, Co. Ltd., with whom he signed a contract and released his first album, Wen Wu Shuang Quan, in August 2002. This was just after his nineteenth birthday. The album became an instant hit. The album won Anson many "Best New Artist" awards at the end of the year in China and overseas, and his song "the Monk" made the Top 10 lists of several charts. Another song "Telling me" also received several "Best Song of the Year" awards. In December, a second version of this album, entitled "Anson Hu", was released, which contained the same 10 tracks plus a karaoke version.In July 2003, Anson released his second album, Upgrade 4147, which he helped produce himself. The album contained duets with popular singers Elva Hsiao and Ronald Cheng. With this album he again swept through the award ceremonies with several trophies under his belt; he also received awards from all over Asia. Anson's credibility as a musician continued to rise, and he gained more and more fans, in China and abroad.Anson's early success is mirrored by his third and fourth album, Music Mix and Music Code, released in September 2004 and March 2006 respectively. Anson steadily began to win awards like "best" and "favorite male artist", graduating from "best new artist." Music Mix featured the wildly popular song "Waiting for You", which has become a fan favorite.
After releasing Music Code, Anson switched from Go East Entertainment and signed a contract under Gold Label Records, under which he released Music Mix and his subsequent albums.
Continuing his steady work, Anson released Men's Songs, his fifth album, in November 2007. While featuring a heartfelt and mature musical style that shows off Anson's piano skills, the album reflects upon the changes of a man's life and shows off Anson's superior musical talents.


Impressive Sight (Studio Master 24/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

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Treasured Boyfriend (Studio Master 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

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I Dare ( Studio Master 24/96)

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