Yuki Makita

Japanese renowned jazz pianist and composer Yuki Makita played piano when she was three years old. She studied music in University, after graduation she went to Boston Berkeley music school for further education. After two years she returns to homeland engaging in music activities and the performances. She lives in Tokyo.

Yuki Makita's favourite composer is Chopin. For jazz musicians, her favourite is Brazil Pianist Eliane Elias and Japanese pianist Hiroko Kobayashi.


Little Bird(16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

“Little Bird” is the debut album from Japanese renowned jazz pianist and composer Yuki Makita.“Little Bird” musician lineup:
Yuki Makita--- Piano
Ryuchi Takase--- Trumpet, fugel horn
Katsuto Suzuki--- Acoustic Bass
Manabu Fujii--- Drums

The entire album is recorded and manufactured in Japan. The melody is exquisite, the performance is splendid, the sonic quality is very high, it's a lovely jazz piano album.