Download songs from iOS and under Safari


With iOS 13, you can download songs directly from HifiTrack to your iphone / ipad. Please follow the procedure below. If you are downloading from Mac OS and Safari, you can follow steps 1-7.

Open Safari, go to "My Transaction Record" and click download button for a transcation. 

Step 1: Select the transaction and click the download button

Step 2, select files on the left to download.


Step 3: Click the "..." indicator on the upper right hand corner

Step 4: Download all selected songs as a zip file


Step 5: Check download status 


Step 6: Once download completed, click the zip files to expand the folder


Step 7: Check the songs downloaded  


Step 8: If you have purchased wav or flac files, files can be played directly on iOS 


Step 9: You can also copy songs ot cloud based storage, icloud or dropbox for other iOS music apps such as VOX 


Foobar playing flac songs