Yim Hok-man

Yim Hok-man, leading contemporary Chinese Drumming and Percussion artist. Yim began learning to drum when he was 10. At 14, he was admitted to study Western percussion music for five years under Liu Jing-ru of the Central Philharmonic Orchestra. After graduating with distinction, he joined the Central Philharmonic Orchestra as a percussionist and stayed with it for 20 years. During that period, he studied Beijing opera percussion music as well as Zhoushan gong and drum music. Apart from being an accomplished percussionist in western music, Yim Hok-man also specializes in playing various percussion instruments of Chinese operatic music. On many occasions, he performed under the batons of world-class conductors and exchanged performing experience with renowned percussionists of many internationally famous orchestras.


Majestic Drums (5)((16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

‘Drums East, Drum West’is a commissioned drum-ensemble piece arranged by Yim Hok-man. It combines the Chinese Drums and Western Drums to produce an interesting fusion of sound, beat and rhythm. ‘Camel Bells of Xinjiang’was inspired by a Tang Dynasty poem about die beauty of Liangzhou in the Xinjiang region. The sound of ancient Chinese gongs and bells conjured poetic images of the Silk Road. The next piece is a folk tune called ‘Bai Hua Yuan’, is an orchestral work featuring one solo passage forYim on drums.