Fang Jin-long

Fang Jin-long, born 1963, is a renowned Pipa performing artist from Anhwei, China. He ahs waon numerous prestigious awards and has performed often in overseas.


Sound of Pipa(16/44.1)

The pipa is the leading instrument of the Chinese plucked-string musical group. It is a pear-shaped, 4-stringed, lute-like instrument with a common tuning of A,D, E, A. Pipa has 6 wedge-shaped frets as well as 26 smaller bamboo frets that are used for higher positions on the upper strings. "Sound of Pipa" is a collection of most favorite Chinese pieces for Plucked-string instruments like the Pipa and the traditional Chinese Orchestra. This wonderful and fragile sound gives the impression like sitting on the top of the Yellow Mountains, watching the misty scenary of the beautiful Chinese landscape below....

FANG Jin-long (Pipa), YUAN De-ming (Conductor), Guangzhou Chinese Orchestra.