Eyes of the Night (Studio Masters 24/96)

Astor Fong

Add Music International Limited 加音樂國際

WAV 24/96 Studio Master
FLAC 24/96

Note:No single tracks purchases available for this album.
Astor Fong “Eyes of the Night” , stunningly beautiful, great sounding . In Studio Masters 24/96 format, not to be missed .
-- Studio Masters 24/96
---Buy album for HK$220 only.

Favorite Song Length Format Price
1 The Root Of Love [Editor's Pick] 4:41
2 Wind Blows On 5:47
3 Farewell Love Song 5:06
4 Impression [Editor's Pick] 4:07
5 My Love Goodnight [Editor's Pick] 4:00
6 Wilful Performance 4:32
7 Paint the Rainbow 4:04
8 The Last Rose [Editor's Pick] 4:47
9 Red Enigma [Editor's Pick] 3:32
10 Eyes of the Night 3:32
11 Wind Blows On(Reprise) 5:46

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