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SIU2 is a band from Hong Kong that presents you a novel experience of music with their original and unique style. Their works challenge people’s inherent concept about Chinese music and create a new genre fusing modern and traditional, Chinese and western elements. But don’t attempt to label the band as merely another crossover of rock, classical, Chinese and western music. It’s something different. It’s something NEW.

SIU2’s band members are Yin Ng (composition, Sheng, Chinese percussion, keyboard), Cass Lam (Sanxian), Jason Lau (Zheng), Peter Fan (Piano), Chan Hok Ming (Bass) and Lawrence Tsui (drumset). Through invitation by the Hong Kong Arts Festival, SIU2 performed their original music in a concert titled “Sheng It Up” in March 2008. “OPEN DOOR” is their first album. For more about SIU2, please visit:

Facebook: SIU2


Collision---SIU2 X HKCO4U(Studio Master 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

HK fusion group SIU2 crossover with HK Chinese Orchestra members---HKCO4U, the result is a "Collision" of music. And that is that piece of music’s title. When Chinese music meet Rock and Jazz, simpl...

Sonic Traveler (Studio Masters 24/96)

IU2 the Hong Kong fusion band is back with their third album“Sonic Traveler”! The theme of the album is about world travel, featuring the musical elements of various cultures. SIU2 weaving the...

Open Door (Studio Masters 16 44.1)

Be prepared to be challenged: this is something probably you’ve never heard of! East meets West. Modern encounters Tradition. SIU2 is a band from Hong Kong that presents you a novel experience of mu...

SIU2 Kon.Fusion (Studio Masters 24/96)

Ever since its acclaimed debut performance in the 2008 Hong Kong Arts Festival, the Hong Kong based band SIU2 has been creating and refining new gems of innovative music with its unprecedented unique ...
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