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Hong Kong Pop-rock band RubberBand started out as an indie act in 2004, then they have gone mainstream and signed with Gold Typhoon. Their latest album Beaming offers six new songs, featuring Jan Lamb of SoftHard fame and Lady K. RubberBand's debut album "Apollo 18" was released in 2008, their follow-up album "Beaming" released in 2009.


Easy (Studio Master 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

"Easy" is the 5th album from Rubberband, released in 2012. The album warmly received and got raving reviews.
--Studio Master 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96 by Weiss Saracon .
---With cover an...

Dedicated to… (Studio Master 16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

The fourth studio album from HK super band RubberBand, the album is a selection of band members' favorite oldies that meant a lot to RubberBand. The album's English-language first plug "More than a Wo...

Connected (16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

HK Pop/Rock band Rubberband's highly acclaimed new album "Connected", showcasing a variety of music styles. It's hot and fun! --Upsample 24/96 by Weiss Saracon. Details


--With Cover A...

Beaming (16/44.1, Upsample 24/96)

Hong Kong Pop-rock band RubberBand's album 'Beaming' offers six new songs, including airwave hit "Apollo", a duet with Kary Ng "Try...", and the "Collaboration Between Hard and Nai" featuring Jan Lamb...
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