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Assimilation (Studio Master 24/96)
Assimilation (Studio Master 24/96)

Ingun Im & Wonsul Lee

Beyond HD Audio

Veteran pianist Ingun Im and bassist Wonsul Lee have known each other for almost 20 years. They haven't had any musical project together till last year since they had been thinking their musical egos are so different to produce an album together. However, Wonsul joined Ingun's recent album as producer and it was their first musical rendezvous in 20 years. While working on Ingun's album , they had found a hint of collaboration of each other. Finally, they decided to produce an album together and chose duo format. They avoided rehearsal before recording in order to capture the moments of assimilation. Both of them brought the idea to studio, they repeatedly talked, played and listened. Finally they lost own musical ego and resembled to each other, as the album title shows. Now it's the time for the listener to assimilate themselves to this duo album. --- Studio Master 24/96 ---WAV/FLAC --Buy whole album for HK﹩180.